Friday, October 30, 2009

"Trick 'R Treat" Swap on Hallow's Eve

"A Work in Progress" called all witches, vampires, tricksters and ghosts to play Trick or Treat. As you can probably tell, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I can remember "begging" for candy, as we used to call it more than 50 years ago. We would fill pillowcases or those big brown grocery bags practically full. Maybe not really, but as I kid I used to feel like I had really hit the jackpot.

Remember those cranking noise makers? We used to yell, "Help the poor!" No one used to say "Trick or Treat" or ring door bells. It was plain old-fashioned calling or yelling at the front door. And we used to get the huge candy bars, not these mini ones. Practically everyone had hand sewn costumes. There wasn't a Halloween costume superstore even available. Aaaaah, those were the days!

I am so excited to share some of the beautiful treasures I received. A big "thank you" goes to Christine Edwards, who collected all the goodies, and then sorted and mailed them to our group. You did a great job!

Back in August, I signed up to play by sending in two "TREATS" and one "TRICK." Then she randomly chose two treats and one trick for each participant.

This is my first amazing "TRICK."
The Gypsy Witch Book of Magic Potions

I think this book box is the best ever! Nestled in a bed of moss, rests a Mr. Bones extra set of spare hands, a vial of "Graveyard Dust," one black votive candle, one canister of "Spider's Silk," and a test tube of "Moon Dust," and another of poisonous "Zombie Dust." I loved this!! What a very clever and imaginative trick! I will have to show my grandson, who will think this is SO cool. Thank you very much for creating this spooky treasure.

I sent this funny "trickster" pumpkin as my "TRICK" in a fabric bag of rubber snakes. She was cleverly designed and painted by my sister Peg.

And, this was my first outstanding "TREAT!"
Vintage-Inspired Pumpkin with Witch's Hat

This pedestal pumpkin is wearing a pointed witch's hat, encircled with sparkling black tinsel at base, and hat brim. A crepe-paper collar surrounds the neck of a hand-painted pumpkin that resembles something very vintage. I think it is perfect for a table centerpiece! Thank you so much for this very unique piece of artwork.

And, lastly my other beautiful "TREAT."
Unfulfilled Dreams, She Only Wanted to be Loved

I encountered some technical difficulties while trying to photograph this piece due to reflection and color. This picture does not do this piece of artwork justice. Inside rests a frail skeletal figure, dressed as a bride that only wished for a happy life. Along the left edge is a glittered gray flower, and on the right a gossamer black velvet rose. It is really quite lovely, in spite of this sad tale. The poem inside this shadow box reads:

"Everybody wishes
to have a happy destiny.
She always dreamt with a ring on her finger.
She wanted to love and be loved,
but her dreams would never come true."

Thank you so much for this sentimental gesture describing a woman who felt she may have been short-changed in her life by never finding true love. I think it is just too sweet.

And for the two "TREATS" that I sent was this altered composition book filled with sinister tags in the inside pocket. The digital collage sheet image was designed by Becky Loyall, from Whymsical Musings, an Outsiders Artist.

Then I included a bag of my "signature" hand-knitted dishcloths in colors of the autumn season as my second "TREAT" with a box of candy. I may have sent a different color, because I sent my gift not realizing I didn't take any photos. Yikes!

As a "thank you" to the hostess, I sent Christine one "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Clock" altered from an old music CD.

And Christine sent me this lovely bag of goodies.
I am so grateful to have been part of this event.

I love these little trinkets, especially the vintage buttons,
bingo cards and that terrifying spooky witch image!

So, today on Halloween Eve, I have revealed my amazing stash! Hopefully, I will be able to show you more photos and links to these participants at a later date! Supposedly, there are no identifying signatures on items received to add to the festivities.

I will miss not be able to seriously play on my computer for the next few days. I will be out of town visiting family in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the Halloween weekend. Can't wait to share some munchkin photos. Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Hauntings!



snowbear said...

Nancy I remember filling up those paper bags as well... we also would get caramel apples and popcorn balls as it was safe then!

I think the swap items you received as well as sent were great. I love that box and those "bingo" cards.

Have a great trip and Happy Halloween!!!

Sophia said...

Hi all your little creative items...especially that punkin! Cute!

Have a great weekend. Happy Halloween.

Jane said...

I'm Trick 'r Treating this morning and you sent and received some awesome tricks and treats. This was the first swap I participated in and it was a lot of fun...Happy Halloween.

whymsicalmusings said...

BOOOO To YOU!!! My sweet friend:)

What a wonderful swap!!!!! You lucky lucky girl:)

And I loved halloween as a child you brought back so many shared memories! Wish kids now could have had as much fun as we did as children.


Sunny Tuesday said...

I received some of your dishcloths and a little altered comp book! I love them! The colors are perfect for Halloween and I'm so excited about jotting down Halloween ideas in my notebook for next year! :)


Hi Nancy.

Your blog is just a wonderful treat. I too recall those special days of Trick r Treating with grocery sacks and just no care in the world, because we were safe.

You made some wonderful items too--I just loved the journals, they are stunning.

Thank you so much for writing up a lovely story to my treat for you. She was a lovely bride, too bad it was just not meant to be for her. We can still have hope for her though can't we?!!!
Happy Halloween.

Cricket said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the altered composition book and tags! It is sooo cool! Great job and I'm lucky to have been the recipient of it!!

Happy Halloween!!

Christine Edwards said...

Nancy, thank you so much for participating in my swap. I thought it was a lot of fun. And I love, love, my Addams Family clock (Na na na nah, snap snap, Na na na nah, snap snap). Have fun trick 'r treating, and Happy Halloween!

JASA said...

Happy Halloween Nance! What will you do after midnight tonight? (turn into a pumpkin?) =)

Miss you!


penny patten said...

I remember filling pillow cases too! And my Mom always helped us create great home made costumes. The boxes are great!

Yarni Gras! said...

that clock is amazing! I am late making the rounds as I was a busy witch yesterday....thanks for sharing your goodies with us.

Diane Costanza said...

Some great items. Hope you had a happy Halloween!

The Bird said...

What wicked cool goodies these are!

paru's_circle said...

hi Nancy.. sorry i havent been around much!.. hows the knitting going?? would love to do a trade with u, stitch a halloween piece for you.. for xmas.. exchange for one of those lovely altered recipe cards you made last year.. hugs.Px

Anonymous said...

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