Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage Photo Image ATC Group Swap

I am very excited to say that I have the honor to be included in the Vintage Photo Image ATC Group. On May 1st, I sent in my first set of cards to be traded with six very talented ladies from across the country. The theme of these cards were from the Wizard of Oz "And ToTo Too."

Creating ATC's are an easy way to create a little something to satiate your hunger for creativity, yet not too time consuming. These cards are just way too cool. Now I can't wait to "sign up" for more swaps!!

From top left to right:
Artwork by Jan Larson,
April Dudko,
and my sweet friend Becky Loyall
Second row;
Lynn Stevens,
Gina Allen,
Julia Ziemann,
and lastly myself.

Thank you very much for devoting the time to make these little masterpieces. They are great!

Hugs, Nancy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Annie Oakley Album

I wanted to give my sister, Peg, something a little special for her birthday this year. Since I had taken the KC Willis Collage Camp more than a year ago, I thought this would make the perfect gift. Inside are pages for a guest register to use in my sister and mom's little store named The Crystal Pinecone Gift Shoppe in Grand Marais, Michigan. She lives in the upper peninsula less than a mile from Lake Superior.

Their shop has an array of softies, painted bottles, jars, knitted and crocheted garments, and painted rocks depicting scenes of the great "up north." Stop on over and view some of Peg's unique crocheted softies of bears, cats, and even a couple of Halloween souls. You can contact her blog for additional information. It is so much fun to stop in their shop and see what they create during the long winter months.