Friday, January 29, 2010

Woodland Gnome Sweater

Now, after more than 60 years of observation, I feel that the time has come to put my experience and findings on paper. Having received permission of course, from the authorized council of gnomes, it is my belief that this post may fill somewhat of a deplorable gap.

In earlier times, the gnome was an accepted member in society. But that was a time when waters were clear and when the heavens were only filled with birds and stars. Now that we are so concerned with saving what is left of nature's treasures, there is some hope that gnomes will begin to move about more freely.

A "Woodland," or "Forest Gnome, " is probably the most common and one of my favorites. Folklorists insist that the cap they wear is not its principal function. Rather it is an indispensable head covering that has the power to render a gnome invisible.

So today, I am willing to show you this sweater for a two-year old little gnome. It will be a gift to my niece's little boy, a miniature person who speaks our language, yet mixed with strange words. I have spoken to this little man. I believe he is a descendant of a race called Kuwalden, known for their fondness to drink milk.

My belief that he may be a "Woodland," or "Forest Gnome" is probably difficult to really verify. He is still a little shy, and is very good-natured. However, he does have a tendency to tell melancholy tales.

Even though my nephew resembles a little gnome, I doubt it can be entirely true. Gnomes visit their birthday tree yearly on Midsummer's Eve and add a carving to the bark. He celebrates his birthday every January, where in Gnomeland, birthdays are not celebrated. Little Giovanni dwells on the fact that he is another year older. Upon request from faraway friends and family, he will extend these birthday weeks for an unlimited period.

Happy Birthday, little one!

Exerpts taken from the book GNOMES, by Axel Munthe, Copyright 1976, A Peacock Press, Bantam Book

Monday, January 25, 2010

One-World One Heart Giveaway

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"The Fourth Annual "One World~One Heart Giveaway" is here! This event starts today, Monday, January 25 and ends February 15, 2010. I'd like to share just a few photos of my family and art. The precious baby is granddaughter Lauren as a newborn, and my grandson, Ethan, who holds a special place in my heart. The two sweet girls at the end of my slideshow are my nieces, Valentina and Claudia. Family is my most precious treasure.

Hopefully, you will meet new friends in the next few weeks...AND you might even win an amazing gift! There are countless numbers of generous people sharing their artistic blogs, and hundreds of wonderful items to be given away!

I participated last year, and it is just the best inspirational experience. I truly enjoyed riding the magic carpet all over the globe. You will, without a doubt, come across some of the best artistic blogs that you might never have happened to come across otherwise.

To learn more, and to see a list of the participating blogs with their links, just click here. You may even want to do a giveaway on your own blog too! Whether you want to do a giveaway or just enter to win as you pop from blog to blog entering drawings, the process of jumping on the caravan is rather addictive and just plain fun!

To enter my drawing you must be an active blogger. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Please be sure to include your email address. The drawing will be February 15th at Noon and winners are selected through the random generator. I will contact you via e-mail and post the winner on my blog. If you want to know even more about this event, click here.

Bulky Hand-Knit Hat and Scarf

I used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick by Lion Brand Yarns in the color "Linen."
Both items are machine washable and dryable.
These giveaway items have free patterns available through
Lion Brand Yarn company's online web-site,

Coffee or Tea Cup Cozy
(Second Giveaway)

It is completely washable made with Plymouth Yarn, the "Encore Colors." It is 75% acrylic and 25% wool. Now, all you have to do is add a comment with your email address to this post.

Due to the overwhelming response I have received during this event, I have decided to have a third giveaway!!

starring Kirsten Dunst

Thanks for all your heartfelt comments!
I sincerely appreciate them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Things in Our Lives

Every January, if there was only one resolution I should really keep, it is invariably to clean out the clutter in my studio/office. Sometimes I can't bear to think of what's stashed in drawers and closets in my art room.

Sometimes I am able to throw things out without a qualm, but certain items hit me hard--like a mechanical stuffed monkey that was my son's (he's 38), and maybe those Valentine's that my daughter received in the 80's! Once I find a way to clear out what is no longer relevant to my life, I will open a path to look at all the parts of my life that matter to me now, not in the past or in the future.

Today I set aside a firm, two-hour period to declutter my studio for a starter. I am so proud of myself for finally trashing a two-year chunk of scrapbooking magazines. I organized all of my ribbon and even sent a care package to Becky Loyall. Best of all, I discovered a skein or two of some yarn, and made this sweet sweater for my grandaughter for her birthday in March. How about that? I even have it almost done a month a head of time!

I need to be tough! The process of purging is definitely liberating. I know when I can let go of those unneeded possessions, I will feel like I have cleared space not only in my house, but in my life. Just having my personal ecosystem changing, my choices will broaden, and maybe even life can be more manageable. My studio will become better suited to who I am now. Whoo! Hoo!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Almost Here


The One World One Heart Event is almost here again and I will be offering at least one giveaway, but most likely more than one. I have been busy creating just for this special once-a-year extravaganza!

On January 25th, I will post the giveaway. All that you have to do is leave a comment and your email address. This will be your chance to win my giveaway or giveaways! Please remember to leave your email address, as this is the only way I will be able to contact you later.

For more detailed information, please visit Lisa Swifka at A Whimsical Bohemian. Join me on the "Magic Carpet Ride" on January 25th. It is really quite an amazing adventure!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Inspiration comes from everywhere! For instance, I received a Tassimo coffee maker from my family this year for Christmas. I have always wanted to brew up my own lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos. Experiencing that final burst of steam when the creme ends it's frothing cycle right in my own kitchen is divine! The aroma sends me to new heights!

Knitting these coffee cup cozies occupied my New Year's Eve and New Year's Day holiday. There are so many free patterns on the internet, that I couldn't decide what to make. First of all, here are some very simple slip-on designs by Diana Madill shown on a web-site entitled I altered a few of them by adding on a row or two of black on the tops and bottoms, embellishing with a vintage button. I tried knitting them on double pointed needles, tried working them flat and sewed up the side seam. Honestly, knitting them flat is quicker and you really can't tell the difference once placed on your cup.

And even best of all, maybe I can actually lessen my impact on the environment by saving a small tree by knitting these cute personalized coffee cup sleeves out of scraps of worsted weight yarn instead of the paper sleeves at our local coffee shop. Keep a couple in your car for that cup on the road!