Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missing HBO's "Carnivale"

"Carnivale" was a brilliant (and mind haunting) HBO series. It told the story of a traveling carny in the Oklahoma dust bowl of the 1930's. There was quite a cast of characters and a supernatural storyline that involved nothing less than the fate of the world. There was a talented cast.....Nick Stahl (Sin City), Amy Madigan (Field of Dreams), Michael J. Anderson (Twin Peaks), Tim DeKay (Party of Five), Clea DuVall (The Grudge), and a personal favorite of mine Patrick Bauchau (Revelations, Vampires: The Turning), Debra Cristofferson (White Oleander), and Diane Salinger.

The show began in 2003 to quite a bit of controversy, but an avid fan interest. It won five Emmys in the first year on the air. Although nowhere near the ratings of other shows that ran at the same time like the Sopranos, Desperate Housewives, or Sex in the City, it was able to keep a distinct core of viewers. And, I was one of them on occasion.

I did not watch the TV series faithfully during it's hey day, until just last year when my friend, Deb Abel, said she had the entire series recorded. And, what a joy it was! I didn't want it to end.

Originally, it was supposed to last a mere six seasons. I suppose the biggest controversy began when there were rumors that HBO might have to cancel the show. I really hoped that this wasn't true, but after only two seasons, it ended and the lower rated shows stayed. Then when the second season ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, all hopes to seeing the fate of the world end with somewhat of a disappointment, I was heartbroken.

Yes, "Carnivale" ended. I miss watching those guys. This "Management" sure could use of dose of their stories. It would be a delight to have it return, especially at this time of year! I feel like it was probably one of the best shows ever, and even now I can picture Sophie so sweet in appearance weave her web into the world's sorrow.


Debra said...

Yes Nancy and I had a chance to hear the producer and write on radio saying how unexpected it was to be cancelled. There were many who wrote and begged for it to continue, but HBO was foolish. Anyway I was glad I had the opportunity to burn my DVD's of them to enjoy at my leisure. I even have the cd of music from the series.

Kristal said...

I remember when this came on, and I really wanted to watch it but did not have HBO at the time. I think now I will see if I can get it from Netflix to watch as I have thought about it a number of times. Thanks for reminding me of it!