Friday, September 16, 2011

Frightful and Delightful Bracelets

As I write this post, it is a glorious crisp fall day in northern Michigan. Fall instinctively brings the thought of pumpkins, mums, apple cider, yummy donuts, and especially Halloween.

I always look forward to this holiday to begin creating all things Halloween. While visiting my sister, Peg, of the Crystal Pinecone, in Grand Marais, Michigan this week, we created these sweet bracelets with some of our recent shopping finds. Peg always continues to take my breath away with her so many clever ways to celebrate Halloween.

Monday, September 05, 2011

September Recipe Card

A few years ago, I was given a treasured gift by being invited to join a recipe card club. Once a month, 12 of us get together to share laughter, stories, and an empathetic ear. There is a wide range of age, style, and circumstances. Officially, we are there to exchange our recipe cards, but, in reality, for us it has meant so much more. Something magical comes together in a creative way. The best part is that we bring food! We believe it would be "just plain wrong" for there to be a lack of treats and drinks any time women get together.

I used to frequent this wonderful restaurant back in the 70's. It was called the Magic Pan. Well, over the years the restaurant closed, but I managed to conjure up the recipe by sampling this salad each visit. It may not be the "exact" taste, but it comes pretty darn close. Whenever, I bring this salad to someone's house, it is definitely a big hit.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Colorful Autumn Afghan

As the weather begins to cool, I look ahead to fall by showing you this latest afghan knitted in autumnal colors. I started this afghan about a year ago. It has taken me quite a while, but I love the results.

One of the most challenging phases of this project was sewing the panels together. For some reason, I am never quite able to get the seams as flat as I hope to.

This is a very warm afghan, and is perfect to snuggle under. As a matter of fact, lately my favorite place to start another pair of socks is in bed at night while watching TV.

This free pattern is available by creating an account through Lion Brand Yarn Co. It was the latest featured item in their last newsletter. "Amazing" yarn (one of my favorites) was used with a selected few colors of "Jiffy" yarn.

I am lovin' it!!


Friday, September 02, 2011

Fun Sparkle Scarf

I can't wait to tackle that gift-giving list again this year. I love sharing through my love of knitting and here is my very first completed project. I ended up giving this to my lovable daughter-in-law for her birthday, and started a second in black for a lucky recipient.

If you seek something extra-special for those in your life, this quick and easy scarf fits the bill. I found the pattern on the yarn label called "Dewdrops," the color is 13 DIAMOND, by Loops & Threads. It is much easier than it looks!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I love the early morning, when the sun is just rising in the east; the sky is bright red and I can hear the birds sing. As I sit here today, I think about myself and my dreams.

There have been many days when I really haven't taken much time to sit quietly and really think about much of anything. Not the dreams, or the birds, yesterday or even tomorrow. In fact, it seems like I have been so busy working that sometimes I forget why I even had a particular dream in the first place.

Today has been one of the days I promised myself more time to sit at my kitchen counter, take a deep breath and actually realize that I am living "MY" dream.

I brought out the old stand up mixer, and made a new recipe from the recent issue of 'Where Women Cook." The results were amazing, a little messy, but it reminded me of the days when my kids were little, and we baked together.

I just may need a wee cup of cappuccino to go with that bright red cupcake with the cream cheese frosting. I know we all need to realize the "new" importance of food and health, but sometimes everyone needs a little sweetness.