Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sweet and Sinister Swap

Talk about packaging with the "Wow Factor!" These gorgeous gifts were sent to me by the amazing and sweet Kathy Riley of Bourbonnais, Illinois. We were swap partners in the fabulous "Sweet and Sinister Swap" this year hosted by Kari Ramstrom of A Year of Color. They truly were just too beautiful to open.

Yesterday was a hectic day for me socializing (the entire day and half the night), creating art, laughing, and sharing photos and news of our families with my old scrapbooking buddies. My package from Kathy sat home and I had yet to tear it open. It was driving me crazy! I wanted to take snapshots of these meaningful gifts from her to share with you. And, what an awesome treasure was to be found when I opened them!

Any gift worth giving is worth creating with effort and meaning, and Kathy did just that! I think what's really important is to pay attention, take the time to give appropriate gifts, and to give gifts with a great deal of thought put into them. For me, the process of gathering, putting together, and presenting gifts is really a very personal experience, for both in what is being given and what is received.

Thank you so very much, Kathy, for your present. It is so inspirational, made with love, and really just way beyond my expectation. You never know what you're going to receive when participating in swaps, but you keep your senses open and try to create something that will absolutely perfect!

The lovely thing about receiving something with inspiration is it really can be a life changing event. It goes on forever. Every time a person gets involved in something that you've inspired them to do, they may remember that you were motivated to become involved in the first place because of you.

This was the first thing I opened. Every time I look at these little baby witch booties, I smile. They are just down right adorable! Don't you agree?

Because of a very sweet Kathy, I received a gift of inspiration. Her "Sinister" Candy Tower is an enginering marvel. It's so cool. It is filled with my favorite chocolate. She also sent a mouth-watering bag of Lindt's milk chocolate truffles! OMG! These both have to be my most favorite candy. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she including this simply amazing Halloween journal.

I am in awe of Kathy's dedication and devotion in trying to please me and make something I would love to own.

This is the bead detail on strands of fibers.

As Kathy has written me after our swap, I must quote part of her email for you to see just how devoted she was in making this journal even more special. "Now, in your journal. . . I absolutely LOVED the witches board. . . . . the little thing for the hands.. placard ??. . . actually moves. . . it worked great until I had the book closed and then it was not as free moving. . . . if you turn the book sideways a bit, it will roll down. . . I think it smooshed and it closed too much with the book closed. If you try to push down the bottom of the hole where it slides and try to raise the top just a bit to give it more room, it may work. . . otherwise, you can still move it back and forth by hand. . . just not as much fun."

Now what really sent me "over the top" was this Day of the Dead garland. It has to be seen to be appreciated. I had trouble photographing it due to the lighting today, and sometimes black and white photos average the exposure, which creates less than perfect photos. It is wonderful with
beautiful images depicting this honorable day.

I have to say, I was thoroughly pleased with my exchange. She even included two pieces of silver glittered fabric, ribbons, and a mailing label on her package of a haunted house. Hopefully, I will be able to post the things I mailed Kathy during the week. I have been neglecting my housework during these past few days, and need to buckle down.

Thank you, Kari, for matching me up with such a "over the top" partner. Now, we just have to get Kathy to create a blog of her stunning artwork. Kathy, you rock!


whymsicalmusings said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You lucky ducky you!!!!
What a fabulous fabulous swap! I am so sure yours was just as wonderful!

Debra said...


What a great swap! Looks like she really put a lot of herself into the items you received. Very Cool!

Christine Edwards said...

Wow! I can't get over the amazing items you received. Superb!