Saturday, March 14, 2009

So Much To See and Do . . .

Post 3:
With laughter in the Queen's heart, her horse drawn carriage arrived in the Land of Winchester. She could hear the haunting melodies of the carousel.

"Glad to meet you," said Albious Woodsby. "This is Laurel. He can assist you with anything you may need, My Lady. Don' t forget to visit the Carlisle Pavillion, the Candy Court, and Food Pavillions."

The Queen grew overwhelmed in excitement. "There are so many things to do, and places to visit. How will I ever see everything?" she cried. As she rounded the Carlisle Pavillion and said one last "hello and goodbye" to Carneigie, the clown, there was The Tinsel Tent! "Look, look, look, these dolls are so vintage and even beyond that are MORE demonstrations! What a wonderful land of Faerie Enchantment!"

If only I had brought more friends, she thought.


Lydia said...

Ah, what excitement! I must gather myself, I am so late to the carnival:)! The clown is coming, and I must find out where I am to meet him!

bluemuf said...

How exciting it is for the Queen. Even though she didn't bring more friends, she will be finding many now one to have fun with.


Tumbleweed Trails said...

It's great to see the Queen smiling and enjoying herself. Maybe some of her friends are planning to surprise her.