Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm A Scrapbooking Dropout

Yes, I'm finally admitting it! There was a time when I used to scrapbook everything about my children's lives. I used to document every birthday, vacation, and holiday--you name it, I scrapped it. I used to shop at my local scrapbook store so often that they finally asked me if I wanted to work there. And as time passed, I worked almost three years on their "design team." When the economy turned bad, I had to move on and took the fun of the hobby homeward to play. I truly got tired and burned out from scrapbooking, and ventured into unknown worlds like "chunkie" books, artist trading cards, journals, and now digital artwork. I'm not sure if I will ever go back to scrapbooking like I used to.

Then came the blog. It seems like blogging is just a lot easier, and less expensive. And besides, my thoughts are now on display in this visual journal with the things I love. Just posting things about art, photography, my children, and new things I've tried is just a place to share what makes me happy.

At first, it seemed like my blog was a place to post a photo of something I made. Now it has a become a place to record my memories, write a story, and document my thoughts, my feelings, and new ideas. I love the fact that I can skip around and do posts out of order. In scrapbooking, you used to do pages know, finish the Christmas pictures before my daughter's birthay. Today I might write about a memory from a past vacation, and tomorrow it could be what to make for dinner.

My life has evolved over the past two years. My children are both living across the state. No more stories pasted in scrapbooks about school soccer games, their first cars, and broken bones. My blog is more about me, and being honest. And, as I age, I am still wondering who that really is.


JASA said...

and that is okay Nance. We like getting to know you!


Nancy said...

Hi Nancy: I say we need to use the blog for our own purposes. Do what makes us feel good, with no regard to who or how many people read our blog.
I got the bear pattern from Skeins on Main, and started my bear. My bear probably will be only one color, and you are right it is easy. How did you make the dress for yours? Kind thoughts, Nancy

Her Art Nest said...

Hi Nancy,
I ended up giving my bear to my niece's daughter! So, I have to make another one, but the easier version. To add the skirt, you pick up stitches around the waist. On page 2 of the pattern, it shows you the simple add on. If you don't have it, I will bring it Sunday or email it. It takes some time, and one color is easier. Good luck!! ~Nan


very nice blog Nancy, very pretty ! I so enjoyed viewing your creativeness ! keep happy and keep inspiring me/us with your beautiful blogging .........