Thursday, April 02, 2009

Her Majesty Marie Antoinette

When I first heard about the latest opulent issue of Somerset's publication called "Marie," I couldn't wait to experience a taste of it. There is quite a rage stirring on so many blogs, and I too have become attracted to her flourishing dresses, diamond-encrusted crowns, her frivolous lifestyle, and her story of broken love.

Once I decided to make this digital collage of her, my mind started moving into motion. In fact, you can get even more inspiration by visiting Itkupilli and checking out her wonderful digital collage sheets. She is amazing!

I keep thinking of what else can I make? Should I alter a pair of satin shoes fit for a queen, a doll, a journal, or maybe some tags? Her Majesty is definitely inspiring me to begin a Marie art journey, starting by searching my room for items that speak of her femininity, grace, and memories of her past life.

Thank you, Dede Warren, who put out a call on her blog six months ago, looking for artists interested in participating in an art journal, round-robin style, with a theme of Marie Antoinette and the style of her day. That is where it all began. What a heavenly issue from Somerset publications to treasure.


Terri said...

Nicely done Nance.
We'll all be looking forward to seeing what you create.

Anonymous said...

You digital work is so beautiful. I have not done much with my Photoshop other than refine a few pictures, but seeing your work is very inspiring.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

whymsicalmusings said...

I love the colors in your digital collage. Just beautiful! And I love Marie Antoinette. She was fabulous and inspiring.

Her Art Nest said...

Thanks ladies for your kind comments. It seems like I have had Marie on my mind ever since that issue being published. Last week I bought a pair of miniature little shoes at the Salvation Army. I say miniature since they are size 4, which is like half my size. I want to stain them, and jazz them up in the style of Marie Antoinette. I need some vintage to the thrift store today! Hugs, Nan