Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heart Whispers

I just needed to say this more than ever today. "I appreciate you." Without you, I would have less reason to create. Your encouraging words always give me reason to continue making art to share.

Here are some photos taken of the most amazing gift from my dear friend, Becky Loyall of Whymsical Musings. Since I have been recovering from some arthroscopy surgery on my right knee, she sent this to me. She definitely lifted my weary spirit with this chunkie book she calls "Heart Whispers."

It truly contains my favorite colors, vintage soft sepia colored ladies, with a hint of The Renaissance Age, coats of arms, birds, tiaras, horse drawn coaches, and nests. I love the way it subtly sparkles, and shines with crisp images of beautiful women of the past. Thank you so much my sweet friend.

Then on Saturday, another "Angel of Kindness," arrived bearing gifts of food, dessert, and an assortment of DVD's. Deb Abel is another special lady in my life. I don't know how she does all that she does. She is remarkable, artistic, and always there to listen. Thank you, Deb, for the homemade lasagna and cherry pie. Hopefully, I will be back to my normal self within the next couple of weeks.

And, not to be forgotten, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this lovely bouquet to wish for a speedy recovery. Thank you for your well-wishes, gals. I am so humbled by everyone's concern.

"Get Well Soon" Bouquet
from my artistic friends,
Deb Abel, Terri Gauthier, Kim Baslock, and Vikki Light.

I just never realized how much of an impact blogging would have in my life. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, the new friends I have met, and for all the inspiration that I see every day.


Paula said...

Hope you recover quickly, Nancy! What lovely gifts your friends have given you. They are so thoughtful! Paula

Peg Woropay said...

You are the best, my sister, the best!

The Paper Princess said...

What a gorgeous gift - thank you for sharing!

I hope you are feeling better and are well on the road to recovery Nancy! I am praying for your healing!


Jingle said...

Oh, this is absolutely beautiful!

Terri said...

Wow what a beautiful Book Becky did for you! And Debbie really is something else...a blessing indeed. Thanks for posting the flowers I was curious as to what they looked like.
Hope to see you soon. Wishing you a very speedy recovery!

BLISS angels said...

What a beautiful gift.
I am senting lots of hugs and hope you are on your feet soon and I have been looking at your blog and I love it, we are truly sisters in art... Hugs Wendy @ blissangels

Beedeebabee said...

What beautiful, thoughtful friends you have! Your get well gifts are all so lovely! I hope you're feeling all better real soon. xo Paulette

Ragamuffin Gal said...

My goodness ~ Your posts and blog just sing with beauty! I adore all of your creations and all that you share with us! <3 Katie