Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun Socks and Child's Sun Top

Most of my close friends and family are never surprised to see me knitting. I always bring my bag of knitting wherever I go just in case there are some spare moments when I can pull out my latest project and knit a few rows.

I have always wanted to learn how to knit socks. I know, I know, you can buy socks for two dollars a pair, but not like these socks. Knitting socks makes me happy. Socks are portable, and you can tuck the yarn, needles, and pattern into your purse and take them anywhere. What inspired me was finding the ultimate book called "The Big Book of Socks," by Kathleen Taylor.

Hand-knitted socks are long lasting and unique. This was my second pair of hand-knitted socks that I knitted last week during my unfortunate period of injuring my right knee. I love knitting socks because there are so many patterns, and with the latest self-striping yarn, you can't wait to see what designs will appear.

These orange, brown, and black socks will be given to my sweet grandson. I say that they are hugs for the feet. And, who needs more reason than that?

And, what else have I whipped up last week? This hot-pink 100% organic cotton yarn Child's Sun Top pattern was generously given to the public through Lion Brand Yarn. com. You just have to create an account, and every week or so you will receive an email with the latest free patterns. It is Pattern #: 70302AD. It is extremely easy and looks adorable! I will be giving it to my three-year old grand daughter. The very cool yellow butterfly tag, has laundry details on the the reverse side. These outstanding butterfly images are sold through Moonlight Journey in a 32 image digital pack.

So you knitters out there, start your needles!


Peg Woropay said...

Love the cool socks and the cute little sun top is darling!!!

Love, Peg

sdas said...
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garner said...
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Anonymous said...
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~Izabella said...

Hi honey~ I saw your altered file folders you created ~ do you have these for sale anywhere?! love them!! xo!!

Her Art Nest said...

Hi Izabella, I wish I could have mass-produced these file folders, but they were a little time-consuming. They are truly one of kind! Ha! Perhaps they could be scanned and pasted to a file folder instead....what do you think? Nan