Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Butterfly Kisses Thank Yous

There's two things I know for sure
She was sent here from heaven and she's Daddy's little girl
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
And I thank God for all of the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all for..butterfly kisses.

Oh the precious times
Oh, like the wind the years go by
Precious butterfly
Spread your wings and fly.

She'll change her name today
and she'll make a promise and I'll give her away
Standing in the bride room just staring at her
She asked me what I'm thinking and I said "I'm not sure,
I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl"
And she leaned over...and gave me...butterfly kisses.

For the past couple of days, I have been assembling these wonderful butterfly images into thank you tags for my niece's bridal shower. I love the way they turned out, especially all the blue-green colors. These lovely butterflies are available in a digital kit entitled "Beautiful Butterflies" with 32 images through Moonlight Journey.

~Artist who wrote these lyrics is Bob Carlisle.


Terri Kahrs said...

These bags are sure to look amazing and will garner MANY compliments. If there's a slight breeze, I'll bet these butterflies look as though they're flitting and flying about. Fabulous! Hugs, Terri

Mandy Higgs said...

I love butterflies,,and these are so sweet and a beautiful design! I agree with terri, they look like they could fly away with a slight breeze under there wing. May the dreams and kisses glide on there wings:d

Her Art Nest said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. The images I had to work with are just stunning. Hugs, Nan

Lori Saul said...

I love the butterflys here- what wonderful and artful bags. Your blog is a delight to visit!