Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Adventure Book from Pixar

Now that my five year old grandson is getting to be quite the artist, I have assembled these small love tokens for his creative spirit. They can be downloaded from the Disney Family Entertainment web-site for free. My grandson, Ethan, wants me to make him artist trading cards lately for his card collection, which often includes store bought "Super Hero" trading cards and "Transformer" cards. Maybe I can get him to make a few of his own. I made the pins on my own with old bottle caps purchased at a garage sale, attached huge safety pins with E-6000, and covered the sticky area with felt.

Last week my daughter and I went to see the latest Pixar movie, "Up." What an adventure! It was more than just a cartoon, but a lesson to be learned. I feel like it proves that your greatest adventure is the here and now, not what you have experienced, or hope to discover, but what is happening in front of you! It almost brought a tear to my eye. Loved it!

So......make some art to share with your family, send these adorable downloads to someone who needs an adventure, or do some crafting with your children. The "My Adventure Book" has places to adhere book badges for deeds well done, things to be accomplished, or a little about the person completing this cute little book!

Off to enjoy today's adventure.....

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whymsicalmusings said...

Don't you just love the Disney site!!!! What a treasure for our Grandchildren. I love using the items found there to create with:)