Sunday, June 07, 2009

Missing The Ocean

There was a time when I couldn't wait to buy a new bathing suit each year! As the years have passed, I show a lot less skin when I visit the beach. The old body sure isn't the body it was 20 years ago (even a little scary). The beach is a place where I can meditate, sink into a chaise lounge chair, and enter that dimension where I love to go. I enjoy people watching, reading a good book, and just soaking up the sun under a cabana. I bring along my camera for that spur of the moment photo. I love walking in the surf, smelling the sea, and embedding the memory in my mind. Oh! To own a place by the sea.

In the late 70's, I was unbelievably blessed to be able to visit Fiji and it's outward Yasawa Islands. The color of the water is truly something that you will never forget. Taking a dip into the ocean is like jumping into an aquarium with hundreds, even thousands, of fish in a kaleidoscope of colors. I will always remember we flew into Suva, a heavenly paradise that changed my world forever.

You Are a One Piece Swimsuit

You are a bit conservative and traditional.

And you are not at the beach to put your body on display!

You are a low maintenance person. You like to look good, but you're not vain.

Your taste tends to be sophisticated. You always opt for classy over trashy.



Wow Fiji sounds wonderful ! Would love to visit Turtle Island, that was a cool Utube - enjoyed viewing it...just incredible. I can't even imagine living there...almost like heaven. Wish we could visit the beach together, I love & enjoy all the things you mentioned Nancy :)
Have a great week my friend....b

beedeebabee said...

That was beautiful! I love the beach too, but in the winter, when it's cold and the wind bites your face, and the jetty rocks are all thickly iced over like giant cupcakes.
...I had so much fun with that giveaway, and I've met so many nice people too!!! Smiles, Paulette :o)

whymsicalmusings said...

Nancy I always love visiting your blog so full of wonderful adventures! I am so glad you share them with us.

I loved reading about FIJI How Fabulous that you had that experince!

Have a magical eveing.

Debra said...

Number one, it seems we are the same bathing suit type (they obviously don't have the full length victorian model or I would have been that.

I had to run over and Thank You again for my lovely purse! I cannot wait till you start up your shop! I had to post it on my blog right away!