Monday, June 01, 2009

"I Love to Knit" 100th Post Giveaway

I absolutely love to knit! I am constantly craving the feel of my favorite needles within my hands. Fortunately for me, with the schedule I keep with my work and family, I find that I have time to pick up and knit a little bit here and a little bit there while watching a telecast sporting event, sitting in the waiting room awaiting an appointment, or just trying to relax on the back porch.

As the knitting process unfolds and the shaping begins, there is that constant feeling of anticipation; when you realize the pattern is written perfectly, each row and every stitch creates the result you desired. There is something so incredibly satisfying when a project is complete and ready to present to the recipient. And yes, the weather is perfect to present you with this summer handbag made by me in celebration of my 100th post!

To all of you blog commenters, I would like to treat those of you that have taken the time to leave their comments. I would like to do something very special to those of you who keep coming back to visit. So, as a great big "Thank You" from me, for taking the time from your busy day to leave me your thoughts, I have decided to give away these Summer Handbags.

I read each and every comment, and have written down your names. The top commenter has been Terri Gauthier of Blooming Ideas. She will receive my Lime Green Handbag! Secondly, Debra Abel of It's All Good will receive the Red and White Confetti Handbag, Becky Loyall of Whymsical Musings came in third. She will receive the Yellow Handbag, and fourth is Jann Clark of Forever Jann with a Dusty Pink Bag. I am still in the completion phase of her bag.

I have no doubt, these bags will grace you with possibly a summer memory of the beach, shopping along a shoreline tropical village or just plain holding your personal belongings this season. Please email me your address so I can send you your free summer handbag!

Thank you gals, for all your continual support, your sweet wonderful comments. You make me smile.


Hugs, Nance


Junkin' Yaya said...

LOVE these purses! Wish I could knit...only learned how to crochet. Does that count? :)

thanks for stoppin' by the Yaya and your sweet comments!

Keep those needles movin! xo...deb

The Rustic Victorian said...

Great handbags! If only we could just slow time down a bit...for everything and everyone. I have some many things I want to create and the time gets away. How did it get to be June?? Are you going to do another KCWillis class?
Thanks for your comment over at my place. I have a royal mess in the creating room, so I am playing on the computer instead of making it nice for the morning.
See you soon!

Terri said...

Oh my goodness Nance, these are soo cool! What an unexpected surprise! And you know how I love that color of green. It's just yummy! Thank You!
I'm still having tech. difficuties with IE. So sometime I can visit your blog other times I get the Internet Explorer message that I can't.

Just the same I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what you are up to.

Debra said...

Wow, how nice. These bags are so pretty, but of course so is everything you make. Thank You for thinking of me. Congratulations on your 100th post!!!!

Nancy said...

Nancy, I love your purses. Is there a pattern you can share or tell me the name of the book? I'm still knitting dishrags and am on my 3rd teddy bear. I'm knitting one for each of my granddaughters. (There is a new pic of Sarah on my blog). I should say I was knitting up to last Thursday, when I broke my middle finger on my right hand.

Her Art Nest said...

Hi all, for anyone interested the knitted handbag pattern, it is available at the link below at:
I made my pattern a little larger by increasing some rows, so it is not quite exactly the same. Enjoy! ~Nance

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Great place!!! Blessings.


wow Nancy I am so honored you choose me! I love dusty pink color, YOU have made my day with your kindness !


my email addy is :
God bless you for all your caring kindness...keep on knitting :)

JASA said...

Beautiful Nance - as always!

- Still lurking and looking... = )

Miss you -



my lovely bag arrived and I love it.
THANK YOU SWEET DEAR LADY ! YOUR generous actions touched my heart so much. Check out my blog, put a post about the beautiful bag.
Have a wonderful day and thanks always for your friendship.....

Meghana said...