Saturday, July 12, 2008

Living An Artful Life

Day 1:

Today begins a new adventure. I am excited about showing you my world and will find pleasure in sharing what I create in my little nest. Last year I entered that "empty nest" after my daughter, Amy, got married to Derek and moved to northern lower Michigan. My married son, Brad, his wife Julie, and two grandchildren live on the western side of the state. It has been different this last year, with a quietness that draws me back into the artful life I put on hold more than 35 years ago.

I have a great love of family, nature, peacefulness, that are captured in my artwork and photography. I dream of the sea and the whisper of wind through the white pines of the north woods, or the swaying palms of the tropics. My mom always said, "You have your head in the clouds." Maybe I always will.


cb said...

Wow! Nancy, this is beautiful! I wish you the best with this. What a great way to express yourself in yet another creative way! I love it! Thank you for sharing. Your blog will be added to my favorites.

Debra said...

Very nice and indeed you have taken this to the next level! Darn you, one of the many people "I Love to Hate" (Just because you are sooo good!). Love it, and now I expect you to show me how you did the banner, etc. Part of my evil plan you know, draw you and Terri in, then get you both to help me with mine, heh heh......

Terri said...

Love the Blog!!!! We were impatiently waiting and I have to say you did not disappoint.

The composition the photos the sharing of yourself. I was hoping we could use the smile box I just haven't played with it to upload a slide show.

Thank You for the compliment on my heart slide show. Enjoy the journey

Denise C said...

This is fun! Loved what you did. I saw a noticable resemblence to you and your mom from the photos. I also recognized niced some of the photos from displays I saw at the Tree. Hope to see you soon so we can scrap and chat.