Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Visit to the Great Up North

Grand Marais, Michigan USA

Lake Superior, December 2010

Was it the "storm of the century?" Oh my goodness, it snowed and it snowed. We were trapped in the house for three days, but finally took a trip to town to see the waves on Lake Superior yesterday afternoon. It was brutally cold, windy, and the air chilled you to the bone.

Agate Beach, Grand Marais, Michigan USA

This is the famous agate beach in December. It is usually a nice warm beach that I visit in the summer months, so seeing it this way was incredible. We held on to the railing of the beach viewing deck literally, while the snow and sand blasted your face with a 35 to 40 mile an hour rate. Whew!

There are more photos to follow in the next few days. I have been having a great time craft supply shopping, and enjoying the company of my mom and sister in the upper peninsula since last Friday. It is difficult to stop playing to post the progress of the trip. I promise to show more very soon.

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Terri Kahrs said...

OMG! And I thought it was cold on the East Coast this week!!! Can't believe you braved the wind and cold, but the pictures are awesome! Hugs, Terri oxox