Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flapper Knit Hats

The 1920's have always fascinated me. (For that matter, so have the 30's and 40's.) So much happened. I am especially fond of the music that was born at this time. During the 20's came the birth of the Flapper. The Flapper was everything new and modern. I have put a little modern twist to these children "Flapper" hats with bright and bold buttons. I feel that vintage buttons would really be perfect, but as these are for my family's Christmas gifts, my nieces may just prefer the buttons of today.

So many people believe that the women's movement started back in the 60's. I actually believe it started back in the 20's. The Flapper gave up the restricting clothing way before the liberated women burned their bras!

These adorable hats are less than a day project. Click on over to Justine from New Zealand at Just Jussi Knitwear Design. The pattern called "Poppy" is free! Thank you for sharing, Justine.


Nancy said...

Nancy, The hats are so cute. Thank you for sharing where to find the pattern. I think that I will try to make one.

whymsicalmusings said...

These are just wonderful Nancy! I love the 20's also:) Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!
Sending a HUGE HUG your way!

paru's_circle said...

they are so cute!!! and dont you love the dresses they wore back then? regards..P

Terri Kahrs said...

Your hats are fabulous, Nancy! Nothing says love better than something handmade!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Peg Woropay said...

The hats that you knit are so adorable.
You go little girls in your flapper inspired hats!!!!!!

Her Art Nest said...

Thank you gals for your very kind words. They are easy to make once you get past the provisional cast on. I went to youtube for a visual, and it made more sense. They are fun to make. Hugs, Nancy

~JANN ~ said...

I love the flapper era also, could easily live then. Such beautiful knitting on these, your the best. Thankful STILL for your dear friendship.