Friday, February 05, 2010

Vintage Wedding Cards

For most of my adult life, I have loved vintage graphics. I am especially fond of vintage wedding cards. Their pastel beauty is beyond compare from the cards of today!

In celebration of having achieved more than 100 precious followers last week, I have brought out a few of my dreamy wedding cards from my special drawer I label "Antiques." Thank you so much for your friendship and interest in my creative journey! I sometimes stroke the cards from this drawer, and think of those gals of long ago that treasured these aging paper goods and how they were definitely held close to their hearts. I am sure that some of these women have passed, but I still keep these cards as if they were really my own wedding cards! Here are a few of my favorites.

I have yet to use them in any of my personal art projects, but someday soon I hope to. You are welcome to use these digital images of my cards as you please. I have scanned them at a higher resolution, so they should be beautiful for all your altered art projects.

Enjoy these FREEBIES,
and come back again!

P. S. If you have any problems with the digital
quality of these images, please
email me at


明白 said...

真正的友誼,有如健康失去時,始知其價值 ..................................................

snowbear said...

Nancy the colors are wonderful... I have never seen one like the one with the ring before.

I'm sure any projects you include these in will be one you will cherish!

Becca said...

I love the card with the bride, very pretty! and the last card with the sail boat~ VERY unique and interesting. I have just started collecting the vintage postcards/photos, it is TOO much fun :)
thank you for sharing


The are truly lovely and so delicate. I love vintage cards like this too, you have a way cool collection NANCY :) Thanks for joining my Friends blog, I look forward to viewing more of your posts. Have a super sweet next week.