Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last-Minute Wishes

This precious pink sweater will be given to my dear granddaughter, Lauren, for Christmas this year. It took me a few months to complete, with a bit of anxiety near the end. I feel an "Ooh La La" Parisian moment with these colors. I am hoping she will like it, and enjoy wearing it. Little girls sometime surprise me with their preferences even at the age of two!

When Christmas comes calling,
may your home glow bright
with good times and laughter
and love's warming light.

Merry Christmas from My Home to Yours

And, what an eventful year this has been! Who would ever have guessed that some of our most "secure" American institutions would succumb to such devastation? I truly hope that you are able to put the "junk" aside and just enjoy a few moments of peace this holiday season.

There are, of course, many difficult scenarios connected with where all of us find ourselves this glorious time of year. Our real estate and mortgage business has really taken an devastating economic hit. I am having my best artistic years ever though. I love having joined the exciting blogging world, creating artwork to share with you all, and of course, my knitting. I can't imagine doing anything better. My only wish would be that I could spend more time with my grandchildren.

All in all, I have laughed more than I've cried, hugged, learned, and given thanks perhaps a bit more than in other years. But, we're together, strong, happy and incredibly grateful for the miracles we witness each day. I sincerely hope that you, too, have had more joy than sadness, and that the love that surrounds you will let the glorious light of Christmas bring gladness to your heart all year.

Merry Christmas,
and take care of yourself
and those whom you love.



whymsicalmusings said...

And to this I will say "God Bless us Everyone!"

The sweater is beautiful I know your grand daughter will love it!!!!

Merry Christmas my sweet friend.

Debra said...

Wow Nancy I love the sweater, and I know she will love it. I am sure her mother will appreciate all your hard work and love you put into it!

paru's_circle said...

awesine sweater, i am certain Lauren loved it.. hugs.px


This is fabulous work Nancy, you are so talented in many area's. Love what you wrote here also. You always inspire me with happiness.