Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Log Recipe

About a month ago, I received a request from one of my "commentors" named Pauline. She was born in Michigan, but her parents brought her to Malta in 1964. It is such a small world sometimes! She still has only one living uncle who lives in Livonia. In fact, she spoke to him a couple of weeks ago asking him questions about the squirrels in the trees.

She went on to say how she missed seeing the squirrels scampering on the branches with the lovely autumn leaves, which they don't get to see in Malta. Well, she made a humble request of me at that time.

In exchange for a small piece of embroidery from her, she asked if I would make an altered recipe card written in her language, Maltese. Now, that was a little bit of challenge!

Here is the card I created for her of the yuletide recipe called the "Christmas Log." "It will be given to her daughter, since it is the only recipe her daughter can make," Pauline said with a chuckle. I am sure her daughter will be surprised. It will be sent off to Malta the beginning of the week.

Of course, I have once again used the images from one of Becky Loyall's collage sheets. I just love her artwork (as if you couldn't tell LOL).



Very nice work Nancy. Love the adorable dog tags too. Hope your Christmas holiday is going well.
take care and God bless.

paru's_circle said...

its awesome, Nancy! sure hope my stitching gets to you.. SOON!! if it doesnt, no worries, i will make you another piece..your friend and thaks a million..Px

florentinotalbot said...

God helps those who help themselves........................................