Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Since today is Mother's Day, I just wanted to post a picture from my past. Luckily for me, I only have fond and beautiful words to say about my Mom. This lovely lady is mine! She looks somewhat different now, but still is silly as ever.

This is a picture of my younger sister, Jane, and I, probably when she came home from the hospital as a newborn back in 1951. My parents were married in 1945 in Belleville, Michigan and I came along two years later, then my sister Jane, and lastly my youngest sister, Peg.

I believe my love of art all began with my Mom. She has always enjoyed keeping her home perfectly pristine, and highlighted with nature. I can remember just going out to play with her, and she would make clover garlands to wear in my hair. And other times, she would place a sprig of lilac behind my ear. How can I remember all this? Probably because, she always had patience for me. We would color, and paint. Other times, we baked, and sewed. I can still remember the day she showed be how to knit in 5th grade.

Thanks, Mom, for always being there for me!

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this is a great tribute to your beautiful Mom. What a precious photo and such great memories, I so enjoyed viewing and checking out your blog. YOUR big day is almost here :)