Monday, September 29, 2008

Fanciful Little Birds

What could be sweeter than these? Our past month's project was to make two-sided birds that could be hung from a mobile. As of today, I am still deciding if I want to keep these tucked away for a future bird and nature journal, or to actually punch a small hole in each one, attach some line, and hang from the rafters in my studio. I simply love these little guys.

Artwork by Nancy Van Hoose

Artwork by Debra Abel

Artwork by Kim Baslock

Artwork by Terri Gauthier

Artwork by Terri Gauthier

Artwork by Vikki Light


MisterMasonCA said...

awww how sweet! they are so cute! I love it thank you for sharing those with me!

Her Art Nest said...

Thank you for your kind words. It is always a surprise to hear from someone across the country.

Debra said...

Nice pic's Nance! I haven't done anything with mine yet. We should get together and make banners for our sites.

Terri said...

Love the fabric behind the birds. Ties them all together as different as they all are. But I'm thinking you already knew that.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Nancy these little birds are divine! I love them! And I'm groovin' on your playlist. ;-) Your're doing a great job on your blog!

Her Art Nest said...

Thank you, Gail. What an honor to get a comment from you and your gorgeous web-site and blog!!