Thursday, August 01, 2013

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Another month is here, and that includes my recipe for August. 
 It is yummy, as well as very pretty to eat!  Enjoy.


Terri said...

Hi Nancy,
Hope all is well in you neck of the woods. Good to see you are still creating these lovely recipe cards!
Terri G.

Her Art Nest said...

Hey, thanks for stopping in. Been so busy lately. Moonlight keeps be focused, been knitting until my hands ache, and trying to keep up with that yard work. Yes, I still make my recipe cards. Also, I joined a "postcard" swap. Just got back from Olympics in Cleveland for seniors! Trying to do as much as I possibly can. Take care.

paru's_circle said...

hi nancy.. i have totally abandoned my blog.. i just read a post you left for me in december 2012!! You made a lovely receipe card for my daughter!! remember? have you framed the stitching? Regards.. Pauline