Saturday, June 16, 2012

Romantic Visions Bamboo Tiles

These pendants started out as placemats, then I separated them into individual tiles. Last month I was re-organizing my craft room, and discovered a stack of old "Legacy" magazines.  There it was--some inspiration!

Well, I began thinking, why not try using some of Moonlight Journey's gorgeous images, and make some pendants using these tiles.  I ordered some bamboo tile placemats online, (later finding some tiles at Michael's), and the mania began.  To date, I have over 100 tiles decorated,  awaiting beads, and ready for whatever I feel might hit my fancy that day.

 I printed my images on HP Premium Presentation paper, working with my photoshop software to crop and size the images to fit the tile.Cut the images to your desired fit.

Then I used Creamcoat Satin Varnish to adhere the images to each tile using a small brush.  I tried to be patient and gave each tile a night to dry.  In the morning I applied another coat of varnish.  You could probably add a second coat later in the afternoon because it erases all the little dust particles.  Use the varnish sparingly and the results are perfect.  Several light coats of varnish will produce much better results than a couple of thick ones.

Then using tiger tail wire or beading string, add various beads and findings to create one-of-a kind  pendants.  Remember each tile is pre-drilled so there's no need to drill holes for stringing!  By the way, don't forget to decorate both sides of your tile.

CREDITS:  MOONLIGHT JOURNEY "Romantic Visions" Collage Sheet, silver findings from Michael's, and beads from Fire Mountain and Michael's


Terri said...

Love what you did here Nance!

Her Art Nest said...

Thanks, Terri. You are making some fabulous things lately!!

Her Art Nest said...
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Peg Woropay said...

WOW..tThese are just so awesome! You did a great job... the colors you chose go together with the images so well! You're good.