Thursday, September 01, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I love the early morning, when the sun is just rising in the east; the sky is bright red and I can hear the birds sing. As I sit here today, I think about myself and my dreams.

There have been many days when I really haven't taken much time to sit quietly and really think about much of anything. Not the dreams, or the birds, yesterday or even tomorrow. In fact, it seems like I have been so busy working that sometimes I forget why I even had a particular dream in the first place.

Today has been one of the days I promised myself more time to sit at my kitchen counter, take a deep breath and actually realize that I am living "MY" dream.

I brought out the old stand up mixer, and made a new recipe from the recent issue of 'Where Women Cook." The results were amazing, a little messy, but it reminded me of the days when my kids were little, and we baked together.

I just may need a wee cup of cappuccino to go with that bright red cupcake with the cream cheese frosting. I know we all need to realize the "new" importance of food and health, but sometimes everyone needs a little sweetness.



Peg Woropay said...

Oh my goodness..if not for our dreams! What would we do? We need them for all kinds of reasons...perhaps so we have a goal to strive for all we are really supposed to be for others as well as ourselves. The biggest question for me for me is: WHY OTHERS DO NOT HAVE A DREAM? I guess, that is why I have a dream, because I am supposed to do what others don't. Very good post, Nance. When it makes you is so good!
And by the way, the cupcakes you made cupcakes are just dreamy!

Debra said...

These look Yummy. My Dream? Maybe to visit a friend with cupcakes???

Her Art Nest said...

Hi Peg, Glad to hear from you, especially when we get our minds to think about "things." Wish we could share these cupcakes over a nice cup of java. Hugs, Nance

Her Art Nest said...

Oh Debbie, I was kind of giggling with your comment. I took my cupcakes to my recipe card club last Thursday. They were a big hit. I will have to bring over a batch one day. I'll tell you, though, making these cupcakes was almost like you needed a bio-hazard outfit. You couldn't even lay your spatula down in fear of getting red food coloring on something. The cupcakes were very cool and I was even thinking about a Christmas version to share. Take care, Nance

vicki said...

Sometimes you just need to go for it - make red velvet cupcakes! These look fabulous- save one for me!!