Saturday, May 14, 2011

Favorite Recipes

I have been working like a mad woman spring cleaning my office. So needless to say, it has consumed all of my free time. I actually think the house is raising.

I am feeling quite guilty about not being able to post due to another issue of my computer losing all it's icons, and not being able to remedy that problem. I am thinking it may time to consider a new computer.

This weekend I am celebrating my birthday while spending two full days catching up at Creative Passions Crop and Quilt Retreat in Chesaning, Michigan. The facility is a 125 year-old church, with it's original stained glass windows. There are 11 of us, doing what we all love doing--enjoying our passions--whether it be painting, crafting, beading, scrapbooking, quilting, stamping, knitting, or whatever. Last night, I even watched a DVD on my computer just to become totally consumed in relaxation. I am enjoying a well deserved change of pace.

Enjoy my latest recipe cards. I love, love, love what I call my "Magic Pan" Salad.


Terri said...

Sorry I missed this post....playing catch up today on the blog... Beautiful recipe cards!!! Wow!

snowbear said...

Nancy... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Magic Pan Salad recipe card also!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!! It turned out so fabulous!!!