Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Things in Our Lives

Every January, if there was only one resolution I should really keep, it is invariably to clean out the clutter in my studio/office. Sometimes I can't bear to think of what's stashed in drawers and closets in my art room.

Sometimes I am able to throw things out without a qualm, but certain items hit me hard--like a mechanical stuffed monkey that was my son's (he's 38), and maybe those Valentine's that my daughter received in the 80's! Once I find a way to clear out what is no longer relevant to my life, I will open a path to look at all the parts of my life that matter to me now, not in the past or in the future.

Today I set aside a firm, two-hour period to declutter my studio for a starter. I am so proud of myself for finally trashing a two-year chunk of scrapbooking magazines. I organized all of my ribbon and even sent a care package to Becky Loyall. Best of all, I discovered a skein or two of some yarn, and made this sweet sweater for my grandaughter for her birthday in March. How about that? I even have it almost done a month a head of time!

I need to be tough! The process of purging is definitely liberating. I know when I can let go of those unneeded possessions, I will feel like I have cleared space not only in my house, but in my life. Just having my personal ecosystem changing, my choices will broaden, and maybe even life can be more manageable. My studio will become better suited to who I am now. Whoo! Hoo!


Terri said...

Way to go Nance!

Hopeful said...

If you lived closer to me I'd make you my clean sweep buddy! I need someone to push me to cleaning up my studio. You could be my cluster buster!

whymsicalmusings said...

And I feel so loved thank you again for the wonderful gift!

The sweater is FABULOUS!!!! My favorite fall colors I hope we get to see a picture of her in it!

paru's_circle said...

the awesome colour of the wool will keep you going.. regards..P

Javajem said...

Love that sweater!

And I definitely need to take a tip from you and clean out my craft room!! It's a disaster!

snowbear said...

Congrats on the move to purge! Send me some of that dedication!!! I agree you will feel better and be able to enjoy the things that interest you now. I think that is a great philosophy.