Thursday, September 17, 2009

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Clock

Legends of haunted houses are age-old. But are ghosts real, or are they merely human inventions? Some researchers have suggested that ghosts do haunt houses. I have always been somewhat intrigued by stories of this nature.

My husband once heard of a customer who bought a home a few years back and soon began being visited by the ghost of an old man who sat on a rocking chair in their den, reading a book. She was the only one who had seen him. She said she wasn't scared, but she was definitely uncomfortable living in their house. Can people sue people who sold her the house because they didn't tell them the home is haunted?

Unfortunately, you would have to prove that the seller's knew about the ghost and failed to disclose it. It's doubtful the sellers would admit seeing the grandfatherly apparition, even if he was one of their regular visitors. I suppose you really can't say this is all a figment of the homeowner's imagination.

My advise would be to contact a few local universities to see if their faculty includes an expert on the paranormal. I would also seek the advice of a priest, minister or rabbi.

It's worth noting that experts say many hauntings are only temporary--few ghosts apparently care to spend all of their time in the same place. The Haunted History Channel is always an interesting place to explore as the Halloween season approaches.

In light of specters and the unknown, I had fun digitally creating this altered clock by using an old CD. The background images are from Kirsi, and I Googled the "Addam's Family" image.

Happy Haunting!


Christine Edwards said...

Nancy, we lived in a house with a ghost of a previous owner that had committed suicide. The people we bought the house from did know about the suicide and never disclosed to us, and we found out from a neighbor a couple of months later. When we sold the house we discussed with the realtor if we should disclose and she basically said that anything that could possibly alter the value of the home should be disclosed (so it's really somewhat vague). We did disclose because we knew how we felt finding out after the fact. The house sold the first weekend on the market (granted this was 1998) and the new owners were planning on have the house blessed by a priest. :-) I love watching the Haunted History Channel...fortunately our encounter was pretty mild

whymsicalmusings said...

Nancy What a thought provoking post. I am so glad I have never lived with a ghost even a nice one:) I am a bit of a scardy cat!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your clock! How amazing I love the Addams Family and haven't watched it in a while. Guess I might have to go pop it in for a laugh:)

You do the most amazing things with your artwork! BRAVO!!!



snowbear said...

Nancy the clock is awesome.. love the Addams family also. The Munsters etc.. I tried to record the Halloween episodes on those shows.. not sure i was able to get them.. they did not have many.

Spooky idea living with a ghost... wouldn't be so bad if it was a family member's ghost... LOL, assuming you liked that family member.

Debra said...

What time is it? Time to be Afraid? Heh heh heh, neat clock Nancy! Did I ever tell you that our house used to be the parsonage for the Church next door? That the parson that las lived her dies in the front room?? No? Well thats what we were told by the Church.
I don't know too much about hauntings although my father swore their home was. Late at night you could hear someone walking down their stairs. You could be sitting right there in kitchen look up and see there was no one there.

Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

Cute! Or should I say ghoulish? Can ghoulish still be cute?

I've never lived in a haunted place but I've visited a few! The prison in Deer Lodge, Montana is supposed to be haunted and you can tour yourself with not another soul in the building. It's pretty creepy! And The Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone, AZ. I took a photo of a mirror in the basement there and I could swear you can see an 1800's woman outlined. Cinched up waist and feathers in her hair. It was probably just a smudge but it totally looks like a woman to me. :)