Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cupid's True Love

For me,
the month of February truly celebrates the season of love, one of the most enchanting times of my heart. This is my latest journal page.

Do you know the make-believe story of Cupid? It was said that once you were shot with an arrow from Cupid's bow, you would fall in love with the next person you met. Sometimes, Cupid would toy with others affections by matching up couples with opposite qualities just to see what would happen. One day, Cupid was given a dose of his own medicine and would soon learn his lesson about true love.

A certain king and queen had a daughter with the most astonishing beauty named Psyche. When news spread of her beauty, Cupid's mother, Venus, felt threatened. She felt she must seek out her competitor and put her in her place by ordering Cupid to find Psyche, pierce her with his arrow, and make her fall in love with the most hideous monster he could find. Cupid obeyed his mother and set out to find Psyche. Once Cupid found Psyche, he was so overcome by her beauty that he accidentally pierced his own body with his arrow and fell madly in love with Psyche.

It was thought that her beauty was so great that she was not meant for just any ordinary man. Psyche was moved to live in a castle on an isolated mountain. Cupid only visited her under the darkness of night, and insists that she never be able to look upon his face in daylight. While back at her palace, stories began to surface that Psyche had finally married. For fear that she had indeed married a monster, one night Psyche held a lamp over Cupid's face. Startled to see who he was, Psyche also accidentally pricks herself with one of Cupid's arrows and falls deeply in love with Cupid. Cupid leaps from a window, flies away from Psyche and goes into hiding from being seen. After searching for Cupid far and wide, she beseeches the help of Cupid's mother, to help find her true love.

Psyche goes through many ridiculous tests of faith, trying to please Venus so that she and Cupid could be united and live happily for all eternity. After successfully completing every impossible test put before her by Venus, Cupid finally comes to the aid of Psyche. Cupid's wish is granted and the two have a baby girl named Delight. Cupid and his love, Psyche, finally live happily ever after.


Debra said...

These are truly lovely pages. I remember the story of Cupid in Greek mythology. I had always found these stories interesting. Thanks for sharing.

(Had to delete the first comment. The word verification was goofy and it deleted portions of the comment?)

Kris Dickinson said...

Your work is stunning! I'm so glad I found your blog. Thanks for signing up to follow mine. I'm signed up to follow yours now too! ~ Kris