Sunday, December 07, 2008

Where My Heart Is

Perhaps the reason I was so enthusiastic about these pages of a house at Christmas time is because that is where those I love reside. My husband, my visiting daughter and son in law, my son and his wife, and my grandchildren, they are my heart. I love my house because that is where my heart is. And where my heart is, I needed to find a way to create my vision of an old-fashioned Santa and still show the holiness of Christmas time. I think I will probably always have the heart of a child at this time of year.

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Falling Leaves

With the many things I try to manage in my household for one month, I admit that I wasn't too excited about assuming the added responsibility of completing five of these leaves for my art club this month. For several weeks, I just kept looking for ideas, but nothing was clicking. Last Sunday, I just had to start and just let it happen. Whenever I find myself struggling, I go back to my stash of collected clip art, and this is what emerged. Thanks once again to Mind Wide Open, I "got 'er done!"

December Recipe Card

Incredible...the smell of freshly baked cookies, the first bite of homemade cookies that are still warm. That's what scrumptious, magical memories are made of. This is my recipe card for the month of December. This "Tangy Yule Ball" recipe is a favorite of my mom. Last week she and my sister received a blanket of snow totally more than 24 inches in the upper peninsula. Ouch! The snow is still falling delicately down where I live, but nothing like the "up north" gets. I made my first batch of Christmas cookies today, and tucked them into a Santa tin. Now if I could only keep Chuck out of the cans before I can give them away for the holidays!