Friday, November 21, 2008

Art Doll Swap

What a fun exchange everyone had last month. It was my turn to pick a theme, and I chose "Little Girl Paper Dolls" as shown in a past SOMERSET LIFE magazine. We had an outline. It had to be a little girl, mounted on a wooden block, and was to have a back drop. I believe we all did some of our best work on this project. I chose an image from Paper Whimsy and named each child with a Victorian name. Vicky used a photo of her daughter Natalie. Terri's girl had beautiful iridescent wings. Deb's work had a curtain like theater background, and Kim's image captured the essence of time. They are all just the sweetest things! Next month's assignment will have a leaf shape and an autumn theme. I wonder what our art group will create with only that thought. Hmmmm.

"Annabell" by Nancy Van Hoose

"Natalie" by Vikki Light

"Butterly Kisses" by Terri Gauthier

"Curtain Call" by Debra Abel

"Essence of Time" by Kimberly Baslock


Terri said...

Beautiful set up to show off the little art dolls. The tea pots help to relate their actual size. Very clever. Looking forward to December's meeting to see what everyone brings to the table for future projects. I really appreciate that you took notice of these and wanted to do them. Isn't it great when we share art.

Debra said...

I love the tea set Nancy. We should have a tea sometime. Love the display and the little "babies". This was a fun project.