Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thinking About The Game

It would be fair to say that my daughter, Amy, loves to play card games. She was visiting us this past week from up north near Traverse City. Her favorite pastime is playing cards with her dad. It starts out friendly, but tends to get somewhat competitive when they start playing "Hand and Foot." In a few minutes, I can hear her complaining that she is not getting the right cards. Besides her father's typical words are "I'm only trying to teach you to be the best." Of course, I hear her groan. She was carrying around an old score journal and we decided it would be fun to make a new one on her last day here. I think she was quite proud of herself for making this unusual record keeper!


Debra said...

Very Cool!!! I have never heard of the game, but love the journal!!!

Terri said...

I have heard of the game but never played it.
So the talent doesn't fall far from the tree I see. Great job!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh goodness, I am defiintely from a card playing family even though I don't play cards anymore but our family used to play hand and foot ALL the time when we woudl get together. Such a fun game and I can see how it could become competitive. LOL Hmmm, I'm seeing the family tonight, I need to ask them why we stopped playing. ;-) Thanks for the compliment on the banners.